Surf’s up all year round at Surf House Phuket! This unique surf experience powered by the FlowRider delivers between 240 to 480 rides per hour, how much stoke is that?! Whether you are a novice or an advance rider, Surf House Phuket is the place to unwind and shred up a great time on the waves. Hit us up for an epic day with your family and friends!


Even though FlowRider has taken a lot of inspiration from other boardsports, 'surfing' it emulates skateboarding more than anything else! Unlike regular surfing, having a go on the FlowRider doesn’t require any swimming skills. The "flowboard" is also lot smaller than a regular surfboard!

You can ride the FlowRider either standing up on a Flowboard or lying on your stomach on a Bodyboard. The Bodyboard also allows various riding positions from prone to a half squat otherwise known as the 'drop-knee' position.


Flowboarding is more like traditional surfing since you stand on the board in either the regular or goofy stance. Flowboarding is more challenging than bodyboarding since staying on the board requires considerably more practice.


The bodyboard is wide, so even adults can lie on their stomach or kneel on it. It’s the easier option for beginners to learn how to control the board and do their first tricks! Bodyboarding is also well suited for the youngest ones in the family.


You don’t need to know how to swim in order to try Flowboarding! With height requirements of 107cm to Bodyboard and 122cm to Flowboard, many people of both sexes, young and old alike had surfed the FlowRider with much success. With a bit of interest in board sports and an insatiable appetite for fun, most people can excel in Flowboarding!

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The FlowRider simulates the surf environment by maintaining a running sheet-wave on a trampoline like surface. The result of this is Flowboarding, which as a sport resembles an alchemy of surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding!

Safe and immensely fun to ride on, the FlowRider whips out between 240 to 480 rides per hour! With an inflatable divider, up to 2 riders can ride concurrently when 2 pumps are turned on! ‘Fenceless’ sessions are run without the divider on and advance riders get to perform huge tricks maneuvering along the whole face of the wave!

Why should you try Flowboarding?

Flowboarding is an exciting sport with a gradual learning curve, especially when you start off with Bodyboarding! Unlike regular surfing, an indisputable advantage of Flowboarding is that riders are not required to know how to swim or have prior experience with other sports.

Suitable for riders of all levels, the hourly sessions at Surf House Phuket are guided by professional instructors who literally rides and train with champions of the sport. Unique and engaging, Flowboarding is suitable for events such as birthday celebrations, corporate outings and even bachelor / hens parties! Not convinced yet? We leave you with a famous saying “(Surfing) Its like the mafias - once you’re in, you’re in… there’s no getting out”. 

See you at Surf House Phuket!


Flowboarding League of the World also known as FLOW, organizes Flowboarding competitions in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. In a FLOW competition, riders are usually given three 45-seconds runs to execute tricks that are highly technical in nature.

Surf House Phuket is no stranger to international level competitions, housing both reigning Women’s World Champion Annissa Flynn and Men’s World Champion Songklod Jomboon under its wings!


The success stories of Surf House Phuket are only the beginning. The captivating ambience of the 2 venues and the efficiency of its surf operations has became industry standard, influencing many global Flowboarding venues to strive for the same.

Nestled in the seaside towns of Kata and Patong, Surf House Phuket with its emphasis on service delivery, safety standards of equipment and instructions, and world-class gourmet experience has spawned global projects with the latest venue opened in Helsinki, October 2019. Watch this space for more!


Why ride the FlowRider when there’s a beach close by?

Learning to surf is not easy for an adult, much less for the youngest in the family. You’re at the mercy of mother nature and adults must keep a close eye on their children which can be challenging especially with the distractions on the beach. Surf House on the other hand offers the FlowRider, which requires no swimming skills and always an eagle-eyed instructor looking after young surfers. 

For the more experienced surfers, nothing is more deflating than being greeted by tiny waves on a fine beach day. Not to speak of the economic burden of a trip to the Phuket beach by visitors to the island. 

A trip to Surf House solves all afore-mentioned problems. Our helpful and friendly staff ensures the whole family will receive an unbelievable experience with surfing.  

Flowboarding is a fun and safe sport even for young surfers! At Surf House, a great day out with perfect waves are always guaranteed!


The FlowRider was invented near the end of the last century by an American surfer Tom Lochtefeld. Tom founded the Wave Loch Inc. which pioneered the commercial manufacturing of FlowRider amongst many other surfing-inspired machines!

The popularity of the FlowRider flourished and can be found in all continents today, fueling a worldwide community of competitive riders.


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