Corona, Carlsberg and all the other beers in Surf House Phuket!
Singha  140
Singha Light  140
Asahi  160
Calsberg  160
Corona  260
Beer tower in Surf House Phuket! Bar and grill!
Draught Beer
Singha GIs  130
Carlsberg GIs  130
Singha Pitcher  370
Singha Tower  910
Carlsberg Tower  910
Apple Cider  160
Mont Clair Wines in Patong and Kata Surf House

Mont Clair White  180
Mont Clair Red  180


All Mojitos 270THB

Best Mojitos in Phuket! Surf House Patong beach and Kata Beach

One of our all time favorites! Consists
of sugar, mint, Lime, White rum and

Mojithai, real thailand Mojito in Surf House Phuket!

Chalong Bay Rum Thai Sweet Basil,
fresh basil, lime wedges,sugar and
soda water.

Passion Fruit Mojito, mojitos and cocktails in Surf House Phuket!

Passion Fruit Mojito
Consists of Chalong Bay Rum pure series,
lime wedges, mint leaves, passion fruit,
sugar and soda water

Mojito Dak n Sunny is our special Mojito!

Dark N' Sunny
Consists of Chalong bay Cinnamon,
Pineapple, lime juice, sugar syrup,
ginger ale


Thailand Surf House Signature cocktails.

Surf House Signature Cocktails

Surf's Up Phuket  270
Surf House Passion  270
Dazzling Point  270
Mangy Breeze  270
Thailand Classic drinks, Surf House Phuket


Caipirinha  270
Caipiroska  270
Mai Tai  270
Pina Colada  270
Sex On The Beach  270
Long Beach Ice tea  270
Long Island Ice Tea  270
Surf House Froze selection, Margaritas and Daiquirys

Frozen selection

Margaritas  250
Passion Fruit  
Daiquirys  250
Passion Fruit  

The hard stuff

Vodka, Gin and all the other hard stuff in Surf House Bar

Vodka, Gin & Tequila

Absolut Vodka  220
Vodka Redbull  280
Bombay (GIN)  220
Tequila  210
House Spirits  170

Rums, Cognacs and whisky in Surf House Bar

Rum, Whiskey & Cognac

Captain Morgan  220
Havana Club  220
Sangsom  170
Chalong Bay Rum HOX  170
Jack Daniels  220

cold Beverages

Soft Drinks for the whole family, in Phuket Surf House

Soft Drinks

Coke  80
Coke Light  80
Sprite  80
Soda  80
Fanta  80
Tonic  80
Ginger Ale  80
Lipton Ice tea  80
Red Bull  160
Mineral Water  70
Juices in Surf House


Orange  110
Pineapple  110
Cranberry  110
Mixed Fruit  110
Mango  110
Coconut  140
Great Fruit shakes in Surf House Patong and Kata Beach

Fruit Shakes

Pineapple  170
Mixed Fruit  170
Mango  170
Watermelon  170
Banana  170
Passion Fruit  170

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and Tea in Patong Beach and Kata Beach, Phuket
Black Coffee  110
Espresso  110
Double Espresso  170
Cappuccino  130
Café Latte  130
Tea  100