Traversing the coastal route of Phuket

Traversing the coastal route of Phuket

Frequent travellers to Phuket would likely know the pain of bargaining with the taxis and tuktuks, often over a fare charged for even the shortest distance. Either that, or risk the mopeds with other rather (over) enthusiastic trucks and mini buses on this paradise island.

In 2018, Phuket City Development introduced the Phuket Smart Bus that operates from the Phuket International Airport up north all the way to Rawai Pier down south. The coastal route takes commuters along the scenic west coast where most of the tourist actions unfold. Searching for things to do in Phuket, or searching for waves in Phuket, this is so gonna make your life easier!

With travel fares ranging from 50THB to 170THB, this initiative shaves off a chunk of the expenditure for tourists and allows one to spend where it matters most! The operator has also joined the cashless wagon with the use of Rabbit Card to pay for the fares. The cash value stored in the Rabbit Card can be used with promotions from major service providers on the island such as MacDonald’s, Family Mart, The Coffee Club, Burger King, The Pizza Company, Sizzler, Swensen, Breadtalk (Central Festival) and of course Surf House Phuket for some actions on our surf machine!

Beyond the island, travellers would be delighted to find this card compatible in Bangkok’s BTS and the same retailers all around Thailand.

In summary, its a great way to travel with the Rabbit Card. And with the ability to pay with it at some of the more prominent retailers in Phuket (and Thailand), consider this an upgrade from the hassle of lugging the cash around. To find out more about the bus route and where to get the Rabbit Card, visit . To buy or top-up the cash value on your Rabbit Card, feel free to drop by either Surf Houses at Kata Beach and Patong Beach.

Travel smart, Surf hard!