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Kata Beach

Kata Beach
A lot of tourists when they come to Phuket ask, what is the best beach here? What can I do at that beach? Any activities? Where can I find food? I'm here to answer all your questions. I mean of course all the beaches here have their own unique style and vibe to them but I'm here to share with you guys one specific beach, and that is Kata Beach.

Piercing white sand, crystal clear blue water - in my opinion Kata Beach is the best beach on this island, it has everything you could ever need and more. If you happen to visit Phuket during the months of June – October, be sure to bring along your beloved surfboard because the surf will be pumping! And for the people who don't want to go through all the hassle of bringing your own surfboard when you're on holidays, don't worry because surfboard shops are all along Kata Beach. Just go up to one and get your 300 baht rental and head out into the surf.

June - October is considered to be Phuket's low season because that's when the monsoon season starts and that's how we get waves thanks to the monsoon. We rarely get groundswell in Phuket. Most of the waves we get here are wind-driven but still when it's good it's good. Weather during the low season isn't the best; its rainy and windy most of the time, so tourists choose to come during the high season.

November - May is our high season, this is the time where Phuket looks like that poster you picked up at your local grocery store. The sky is always blue and the beach looks like a photo-shopped image. I have to say Phuket looks beautiful during the high season but there is one downfall... No surf! When you've been waking up to go to the beach, having your buffet breakfast at the hotel, read that book you have always wanted to finish. It gets a little repetitive, you get a little bored, what else can you do at Kata?

What about some trendy music? Internationally inspired food, ice cold beers, bottomless cocktails and non-stop surfing action! Sounds good doesn't it? Located in the middle of Kata Beach you can find Surf House Kata Beach! With a double lane FlowRider, you will never miss out on a surfing day ever again! For those of you who are skeptical about Flowboarding - don't be: Flowboarding is a relatively safe and easy sport to pick up, pretty much anyone can do it, Anyone with normal health and a minimum of 122cm tall can ride. Surf house Kata Beach has the most experienced Flowboarders to instruct you through your session so you have nothing to worry about. Flowboarding is a relatively new sport so most of you might not know what it is. Flowboarding is a combination of surfing, skating, snowboarding, and wakeboarding, so there is a learning curve to it but nothing that you can’t overcome, I'm sure.

And if you’re feeling that surfers’ hunger, don't worry; Surf House has the best menu in town! Grab yourself a Kahuna burger - a juicy beef patty with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and the house’ special sauce plus fresh and crispy French fries. Now, who wouldn't want that? Pair it up with a cold beer and a beautiful view of the sunset and you got yourself the perfect day!

Flowboarding is for everyone!

Flowboarding is for everyone!
When Active holiday-makers are looking for things to do in Phuket, surfing is definitely one of the great options. Unfortunately, the surf in Phuket is non-existent during the high season months November till April.

Surf House Phuket provides an artificial wave running all day every day from morning till evening and anyone with normal health can safely participate on the activity. You can choose a venue that is conveniently located for you: Surf House Kata Beach or Surf House Patong Beach.

In addition to surfing in Phuket the Surf House venues has a restaurant, professional surf shop and interesting weekly events to suit all ages.

Check out the Flowrider surf machine when there is no waves at sea to surf!