Always wanted to send off the single life in style? Rain or shine, Surf House Phuket has it cut out for you with plenty of laughter and clean fun! 

Share comical moments wiping out with the besties on the FlowRider surf machine. The squad is in good hands with this exciting activity, guided by a professional instructor at all times. Surfing is just half the experience! With Surf House Phuket, party to your heart’s content right by our surf themed bar with delectable cold drinks and non pretentious soul food. 

For him

Can’t surf straight from the stress of getting married? Let us offer some tips (on surfing)!

  1. Step onto the board with your dominant leg at the back. Hold on to the guiding rope and allow the instructor to slowly release you onto the wave surface.
  2. Keep your knees bent and lean more to the back. Once you get the hang of the balance, try to maneuver the boards by carving lightly to your front and back sides.
  3. Signal to the instructor by giving a light nod as you get ready to let go of the rope!
  4. Chances are, you will fall. But just like your marriage, the best is yet to be so get up, wipe those tears and go again!

For her

Getting married must be exciting. That’s why Surf House Helsinki wishes to give you a few tips for the waves:

  1. Bodyboarding is a fun and forgiving way to get on the FlowRider! Start in the prone position with the bodyboard tucked under your torso. Allow the instructors to guide you gradually over the wave surface.
  2. Once you get a hang of it, signal to the instructor that you are ready for the ‘kneel’ position! Unlock this move for those Instagram stories!
  3. If you are up for a more challenging pose, ask the instructor to guide you into the drop-knee position. Half crouched and half kneeling. The extra range of movement will allow you to shred up a bigger splash to your besties faces!

Phuket party


Lamentably, organising bachelor party can be a trying experience. Getting the participants together, budgeting, choosing where to stay and what to eat can get overwhelming without professional helps. 

Surf House Phuket shaves off a big chunk of planning with entertainment, actions and plenty of drinks all under one roof! From private booking of the FlowRider surf machine to delectable food and beverages, our services can either be pre-booked or added on the very day itself. 

The Surf House venues are located on major seaside towns of Patong and Kata. It doesn’t get easier so get in touch today and let the good times roll!

Girls party


162/7 Thaweewong Rd, Patong Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand

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4 Pakbang Road, T. Karon A. Muang, Phuket 83100 Thailand

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